Sports Mouth Guards


Look at your little athlete go! Wait—a tumble could be just around the corner! While you watch your active child engage in sports, do you ever worry about dental injuries?

You can sit back and relax when your child is wearing one of our custom-designed sports mouth guards. A sports mouthguard will reduce the possibility of tooth loss and even traumatic brain injury.

Teeth cost thousands of dollars to replace. You can help your child avoid needing a costly tooth replacement by getting him or her a comfortable, affordable, and functional sports mouthguard.

Sports mouth guards don’t just protect your child’s teeth from injury. They also greatly reduce the force that can be transmitted from the jaw to the central nervous system in the brain, decreasing the chance of your child suffering from concussions or brain damage.

Sports mouth guards can also protect your child against cuts in the lips and cheeks, neck injuries, gum and soft tissue injuries, jawbone fractures, and tongue injuries.

Why Get a Mouth Guard from a Dentist?


You understand why a sports mouth guard is important, but why buy one from your dentist when there are many types sold in ordinary stores? Well, there are several advantages to obtaining your child’s sports mouthguard from your dentist.

First, store-bought sports mouth guards are often stiff and uncomfortable. They can make it difficult for the wearer to breathe easily, and they never last for long periods of time. In contrast, we create durable and comfortable sports mouth guards that are customized for your young athletes.

Features of Our Sports Mouth Guards

We want to keep your young athletes safe! Our sports mouth guards are:

  • Designed to match each tooth perfectly for an extremely comfortable wearing experience.
  • Created to last five times longer than store-bought mouth guards.
  • Sleeker and less bulky than store-bought sports mouth guards.
  • Designed to promote free and easy oxygen flow for increased endurance and performance.
  • Customized to cover each unique tooth flawlessly for the highest level of mouth guard protection.

Come talk with Dr. Field about your child’s sports mouth guard needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.