BPA-Free Sealants

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Dental sealants are an inexpensive way to fortify your child’s teeth against decay. Sealants can effectively prevent children from experiencing cavities and toothaches or from needing extensive dental work.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that, with appropriate follow-up care and maintenance, sealants can be 80–90% effective in reducing cavity formation.

Why BPA-Free?

BPA, or bisphenol A, is a harmful industrial chemical. Research has shown that BPA can affect the brain, behavior, blood pressure, and more.

Many sealants contain BPA. However, our top priority here at Shoreline is to keep your child safe, so we protect your child’s health by using BPA-free products. Our BPA-free sealants can fortify your child’s teeth without posing the health risks associated with this industrial chemical.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Dental sealants fill in the grooves of the teeth that often hide food and bacteria. They are placed into the fissures of the chewing surfaces, especially in the molar area. Sealants make it impossible for food to build up in these fissures by “sealing” it out.

Does My Child Need Dental Sealants?

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Dr. Field can help you determine whether or not your child needs dental sealants. Many young patients can benefit from our sealants because they often miss the pockets in the back of the mouth while brushing their teeth.

When kids frequently miss hard-to-reach areas, it leads to a buildup of bacteria and can eventually cause dental decay.

Even when kids reach those back teeth, the grooves in the teeth are often so deep that toothbrush bristles can’t adequately clean them. Our BPA-free dental sealants protect these problem areas from bacterial buildup.

These days, with the option of BPA-free dental sealants, all parents should consider this protective measure for their children’s teeth.

Dr. Field would be happy to help you decide if dental sealants are a good idea for your child. To learn more about our BPA-free sealants, call us to schedule a consultation today!