More Effective Nursing After Lip and Tongue Tie Release

This is our buddy Wyatt. He came to us two weeks ago because he was having difficulty nursing due to a lip and tongue tie. After a simple procedure using a soft tissue laser we released both ties to allow more effective feeding. Today he is proud to report that he is now nursing like a champ and has already gained a pound since we last saw him. Good work Wyatt, and thank you for allowing us to share your story.

Improved Feeding After Lip and Tongue Release

This is our little buddy Rhett. He was having difficulty feeding because of a significant lip and tongue tie. This led to trouble gaining weight and some reflux issues. He came in today to show us that after his release procedure he has gained a whole pound in two weeks! Good work Rhett. Thank you for letting us share your story.

Nebbie Williams Elementary School

Thank you Nurse Jen and all the kindergarteners and first graders at Nebbie Williams Elementary School for hanging out with the Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry Crew this morning. We had fun brushing sugar bugs off of our volunteers and learning the importance of oral health.

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health month and the Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry crew has been busy sharing the importance of oral health. Last Friday Dr. Field and the Tooth Fairy visited Pullen Elementary School and At the Barnyard Gate Private school. Check out the pictures below!

Healthy Teeth For The New Year

Our little buddy Solomon wanted to make sure his teeth were shiny and healthy for the new year. He also brought his pet fish to hang out with the Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry crew this morning. Thanks for swimming by Solomon! 

Holiday Toy Drive

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we also want to remember those who may be going through difficult financial times. The Shoreline crew is excited to be working with Helping Hands of Rockwall again this year for their annual toy drive. We will be collecting toys at our office and distributing these to over 1,000 children of Rockwall families who are experiencing crisis during the Christmas season. Just swim on by our office at 2435 Ridge Rd #117 with a new unwrapped toy (valued $20-$25) by Dec 10th. For each toy donated you will be entered into our raffle for a family four pack of movie tickets and a gift certificate to Papa Murphy’s pizza. So come spread some holiday cheer and win a family dinner and movie night!

Brush on, Brush off

Mr. Miyagi stopped by the office today to remind everybody to use the “wax on, wax off” technique to brush off all that Halloween candy tonight.