Low-raditation Digital X-Rays


At our office, you and your children can feel confident in our up-to-date dental technology and treatments. At Shoreline, we are proud to offer one of the greatest recent advancements in dental technology: the low-radiation digital x-ray machine.

If you’re worried about radiation exposure for your children, we can put those fears to rest. Our digital x-ray machine is the safest and most efficient type of x-ray available today.

Benefits of Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays

At our office, you and your child can get the following benefits of our state-of-the-art digital x-rays:

  • Less exposure to radiation for a safer x-ray experience.
  • Rapid transfer of information, so you can see x-ray images immediately.
  • Early detection of dental disease or decay for more effective treatment.
  • Assistance in guiding the proper growth of baby and permanent teeth.
  • Seeing and diagnosing potential orthodontic issues that should be treated.
  • Ability to identify impacted or otherwise problematic wisdom teeth.

Digital x-rays help Dr. Field identify many things about your child’s smile that can’t be seen with the naked eye. The sooner a potential problem is detected, the more successful and inexpensive treatments tend to be.

If we do not identify any problems, you can feel confident knowing that your child has been thoroughly examined with top-quality equipment and found to be completely healthy!

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How Often Should My Child’s Mouth Be X-Rayed?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children should get dental x-rays at least once per year. For children with tooth decay or other dental health problems, x-rays should be completed twice a year or more.

To learn more about how often your child needs dental x-rays, come talk with Dr. Field about your family’s dental health history.

Has it been awhile since your child’s teeth have been x-rayed? Come enjoy the safest and most reliable x-ray technology available when you visit our practice. Give us a call today!